[treasure] Sweet adventure

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Sublime sweetness, nothing best to describe what the lovely Eden is looking for her dishes, that little extra that can fill the missing touch she has been seeking for a while.

All started with the last dish she made: a simple apple tart, it was wonderful, or so she tough, something was missing, she has been trying new recipes to find a new favorite dish, but in the process she soon found out that that little sparkle she tried to achieve seemed further and further away and that the cause was not the dish itself, no, was because she felt a special touch was needed, an answer she concluded as a missing ingredient.

For that, she decided to go into a mission: to go treasure hunting! but not for treasure chests or anything like that, no, she is looking to get her hands in something she finds to be much more valuable: the Marikothorn, a beautiful plant that is said to increase sweetness in anything you use it for and with the add on that you can get blessed with luck and protection if you can harvest it in specifics circumstances (or so she has heard).

For her mission, she prepares to go deep into the forest just before sunset, her expectations are high and so her hopes to get her hands in such mysterious plant, the journey starts has simple as she can: backpack big enough for her to carry a basket for the flowers, provisions, rain coat, compass, a pocket watch and a torch, plus a lighter, simple but to the point (she is decided to not sleep in the forest at all).

A small and narrow dirt path is the beginning of her journey, following what others made can help her reach further inside the forest without loosing too much time, or so she tough, after a while she starts feeling the lights going down fast; All she has been doing is follow the dirt paths made by others to which then she decides to deviate to a deeper part of the forest with no trails or anything, being ambitious can be dangerous, so please be careful Eden! There is still a long way to go.

Her first erroneous finding were some capri lemons, at the distance she was sure she had struck luck... Being the sad the truth that those little lemons had grown to mimic the color of the flower, who knows, maybe the forest encourages some plants to grow a certain color, not a motive to feel defeated for now…I guest…?

Numb legs, cold and fatigue was all she could think at that point, too many rocks on her way has made a difficult time for her, especially now that the clock is already at 11:50 pm, well, she might lose the blessing but at least just getting a flower can fitful her original mission to which she tries her best to at least keep herself motivated (at this point is starting to look very sad).

Hitting the mark of midnight was too present of her mind: it was the time she was going to give up, because even if she told herself the blessing didn't matter, what else would she try and go at night for some flowers? Why would she endure the fatigue?.... 

At the sight of hopelessness, a last rock on her path was the cherry of the cake, she was sent to a to a downhill adventure for a couple of seconds, which, to her surprise, landed her to a lovely scenario... Marikothorns! looking stunish and enough in quantity for her to cry a little at the discovery, sweet Eden was finally able to say: "Mission accomplished!"

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[treasure] Sweet adventure
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