[journal] Stormy Beach Entry

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Today was one of those days that makes me wonder why I chose to have my shop have wheels and move, and (yadda yadda, you're my journal, you know what my shop looks like!)

It started out promising enough—blue skies, the soothing sound of waves, and the scent of salt in the air. I set up shop on the shore since it was supposed to be very bright and sunny. But another reason is just that I don't bring the wagon there often, maybe I’d get some new business. 

By midday, dark clouds rolled in because the skies apparently hate me and wish upon my downfall, and it just started pouring rain. 


The drizzle turned into a downpour, and I soon found myself in the midst of a full-blown storm. Not super ideal for business. A strong gust of wind drove my wagon a few feet ahead as I was getting ready to pack up, driving the wheels deep into the goopy, wet sand. My beloved, massive, crab steed decided to be useless, as much as I love them. The thunder had them curl up and sink a little towards the ground. 

My crab is scared, the winds are getting scary, and I wanted to get off the beach. Nobody was around to help me unstuck the wheels either, since everyone quickly dispersed from the beach. So it was just me and my poor, scared baby. 

Seeing my crab steed so terrified broke my heart. I rummaged through the back of the wagon, searching for anything that could help. I found an old, weather worn tarp and decided it would have to do. So I covered my crab’s head with it to block out the sight and sound of the storm as best as I could. 

It seemed to have worked. Crabs aren’t really known for this expressiveness, but they stopped trembling, and I managed to ease them to stand once again!


So it was time to deal with the wagon. The wheels were stuck deep, and no amount of pushing was going to move them (I tried.) So I spent about… 3 minutes staring at the dirt. Then ah! Right! My brute form. It’s not something I use often—how quickly my body can shift can be a bit overwhelming. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I didn’t want all my merchandise to get soaked. 

So I hopped my butt down towards the rear of the wagon and pushed. I took a deep breath and shoved forward, my muscles tensing under the weight (they really ache now) of the wagon and everything inside. 

The wagon started to move, slowly, inch by inch, despite the resistance of the sand. My crabby luckily got the memo and started moving with me, it felt like forever until we got to firmer ground. I shifted back to normal, and exhaustion hit me like a wave. Which is why I’m writing this at 4 in the morning after I took an accidental nap the moment I got home.


At the end of the day I'm not really sure why pressured me to sit around and wait for the storm to get so bad. I was worried maybe I was missing out on something. I couldn't tell you what. Business? New friends? Something unexpected to happen? Maybe I've been really bored with my routine! Who knows.

I'll need to think on it, I really didn't like seeing my crab all upset. I feel quite guilty about letting the poor thing get stuck in the mess because of my air-headedness.  It's not their fault they're stuck with me.

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[journal] Stormy Beach Entry
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Troubles and thoughts of a shopkeep after getting stuck in a storm.

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