[treasure] Astilbe's Treasure Hunt

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Aspen walked with Astilbe's tail curled around his arm as she perched on his shoulder, the small fhionn chirping with happiness near his ears as she guided him towards some unknown place deep into the forest. The sounds of his footsteps on the forest floor resonated as the forest seemed to be a shrine of calm, the fluttering of wings and the rustle of leaves being blown by the winds the only disturbance he could hear around him as he turned round and round to the lilting sound of his companion directing him whichever way she wanted.

The symp had absolutely no idea why Astilbe wanted him there or even how she knew the way, the fhionn very rarely leaving their home and when she did it was always to get some sun on the front porch, wanting some space between her and the very big group of chu-owl that was still growing somehow, the two of them finding a new individual almost every day. Neither Aspen nor Astilbe knew where exactly the chu-owl came from, only that the pile kept growing bigger and bigger in no time.

Aspen shook his head to clear his thoughts and back into the present, the tugging of the fhionn’s tail on his arm helping him focus on the little cave she was keeping in her sight, a look of excitement on her pink colored eyes. He walked towards the small opening on her instructions and fell in once he peaked, rolling down into the bottom after Astilbe jumped from his shoulders and into the cave, unaware that she hadn't let go of his arm with her tail and dragged him into the ground. 

Aspe let out a cough and used his hands to shake out the dirt and dust all over him, patting the leaves on his head and ruffling them a bit to shake off the dirt that clung to his body. He lifted his gaze back up and looked around for his companion's pink body, only managing to get a glimpse of her furry tail turning over a corner before it disappeared. The symprite rushed after her, frantically glancing around as if she would appear and managed to find some paw prints imprinted on the ground, letting out a sigh in relief.

He breathed deeply and held his breath for a bit, calming his racing heart before he started back on his way forwards. The lack of light in the cave made it hard to observe his surroundings as he stumbled down the path, stepping on holes and tripping over rocks and twigs until his eyes adjusted. He got back up after his latest fall and grabbed onto the wall, leaning on it as he rubbed his palm along his thigh where he hit himself on his way down. Taking a quick glance up and finding Astilbe sitting near the corner, making sure that he sees her before jumping up and prancing around happily, letting out a thrilled sound when he approaches.

The closer Aspen gets to Astilbe, the happier she seems to get until he leans down and runs his hand along her back fur, rubbing it a bit to get rid of some dirt she had managed to get onto her before letting the fhionn get back up onto his shoulder. Astilbe points him towards a little hole she had dug and he noticed a little glint on the bottom. Curious, he kneels down beside the little ditch and pushes some dirt away, digging more and more as a little chest is slowly uncovered. He finally manages to push it all and lifts the little wooden chest, letting down in front of him and cuddling Astilbe in thanks for the adventure she took him on and the treasure at the end of the road.

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[treasure] Astilbe's Treasure Hunt
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