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7 April 2022 (2 years ago)
save me from Fenokey's basement dungeon plz


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Hihi!! Happy to join the site!!! Sorry if this is something explained somewhere but I posted an intro in the discord and still don't seem to have access?? I was wondering if I did something wrong

2024-05-20 00:31:59

ohatoki Avatar

you have a "the last unicorn" symp and i love that!!

2024-03-19 06:44:57

SpaceCereal Avatar
SpaceCereal Staff Member

2023-09-29 23:40:46

Sin Avatar
Hello sorry I had two questions! 1. I understand if u r busy, I’m not trying to rush^^ just curious on how long it usually takes for things to get approved? I submitted a byun design a couple of days ago 2. Can I trade symprite currency?

2023-05-31 18:15:38

Lark Avatar
Lark Staff Member
hi hi! 1. sorry for the delay, we are super backed up with all the prompt submissions so some of the myos and redesigns are a bit backed up as well ;-; we say it can typically take 3-5 days sometimes when we are busy but I'll try to get to yours in the queue soon <3 2. yep!! lots of people trade for art or items and stuff, you just can't trade for IRL currencies :)

2023-05-31 19:08:52

Sin Avatar
Ur fine! Ty for responding :D!

2023-05-31 19:27:05

Sin Avatar
Hello I am sorry to bother! You denied my MYO submission and I made the changes, however it’s not letting me update the design ? I tried to change the image and it just goes to the old one

2023-05-25 23:39:10

Lark Avatar
Lark Staff Member
No worries, sorry to hear you are having issues!! ;w; Try hard refreshing your browser (Ctrl+f5) to see if it shows the updated image! If not try resubmitting anyways sometimes, it shows up for us properly jdfsbkfbhsd

2023-05-25 23:49:14

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