Common Neri marelum communis


Neris went from a calm foragable species that thrived in the wild to a now common house pet among symprites! These little buggers went through quick domestication process once they realized Symprites and Aramelles alike can be deemed as a free food source to them. These little critters became quite a nuisance after one fruitful Lunisolar festival where their presence almost could be deemed an invasion at best with them raiding smaller stalls and symprites of their treasured candies and food.


Fear not! Despite their kleptomaniac nature, these little critters are full of love (and water) and make for a quality pet! They have not a single mean bone in their entire body. Due to their short-lived invasive status, these could only be obtained during the very short weeks after a lunisolar eclipse, As most of their fellow neri peacefully returned to the wild to be left undisturbed! 

Acceptable and non-Acceptable traits on a MYO neri:

Not allowed:

-Spikes and Scales


-Human like hair


-Plant growth

-Eyes or eye mimic patterns

-Open mouths

- Long nubs


- Tentacle overgrowth

- Fewer nubs

- Strong colors

- Toxicity

- long fluffy tails

- Scars 

- Missing limbs

- Minor see through parts

Breeding event only:


- Horns and spikes


- Plant growth


-Split angel +Demon

These cannot be added onto a MYO neri! These traits are exclusive to breeding events.


Keep in mind that when designing a neri the design is NOT allowed to be based on prior existing designs. They are NOT allowed to be based on symprites, and or fandom related characters etc. Doing this will result in a void of the design! This rule is set in place to avoid issues for future breeding events.

These 3 traits are breeding event exclusives! These will be held throughout the year, more info on these events later.


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