Cloudy Binky

Cloudy Binky (Easter Event Pets)

The cloudy binky is a charming pet loved by a symprites and aramelles alike.

With its fluffy fur and long, droopy ears that sway gently as it moves, this creature exudes an aura of sweetness and innocence.

The clouded binky navigates its surroundings with small, elegant hops, using its tiny wings to assist in its movements. It is a creature of grace and agility, captivating all who witness its adorable and enchanting antics. These pets are known to be real cuddle bugs so be ready to have a pet that wants all your attention!


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Brutki (Easter Event Pets)

The brutki is a curious pet that can often be found hiding in other creatures their nests.

This whimsical little creature  is adorned with a peculiar accessory - a broken eggshell hat that covers its eyes, giving it an endearing and slightly mysterious appearance.

Despite its imposing horns on such a small pet, the brutki exudes a sense of gentleness and innocence, with eyes hidden beneath the eggshell hat that hint at a playful and curious nature.


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Fhionn (Easter Event Pets)

The fhionn despite it's gentle appearance is a rowdy little creature and a handful as a pet.

The delicate beak and little wings make them appear like a graceful bird, however what sets it apart is its long, monkey-like curled tail that they often use to wrap themselves around their owners with.

Make sure you don't pet their beak when interacting with them, they don't enjoy this part being touched and will often try to strike the hands of those who attempt this as a battle of dominance! 


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Chu-owl (Easter Event Pets)

Chu owls boast an exceptionally thick and voluminious plumage, enveloping its body in a cloud of downy softness.

You'll never find these pets alone in the wild, often finding entire groups of +20 huddled up!

This gentle pet  is a symbol of purity, wisdom, and comfort, a little guardian for all and often a common gift for bappies as they bond for life.

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Ourobo (Easter Event Pets)

The ourobo is mysterious and elusive pet that dwells in the dense and lush mangrove forests, blending seamlessly into its verdant surroundings.

These can be hard to spot since they tend to cover themselves in a cloak of various plants and mangrove leaves, allowing it to camouflage and disappear amidst the foliage. 

Often a very timid pet these do enjoy sticking to their owners, showing their appreciation with little things they find on their hunts!


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